“ The Hermès of skin care.”

Classic Facials:

Your exclusive facial experience will include the Biologique Recherche treatment matrix – cleansing, gentle exfoliation using our cult Lotion P50, customized masque, hand-selected cocktail of quintessential serums, cream and finishing serum.  Each facial will be customized for your skin care needs by selecting the appropriate products and techniques best suited for your skin condition at the time of treatment.

Boosters to our Classic Facials: 

  • Detoxifying and Cooling (Cryo 3R)
  • Lifting and Toning (C.V.S.)
  • Lightening (Masque Exfoliant P50 Visage)
  • Moisturizing and Smoothing (Lissant)
  • Oxygenating (Booster VIP O2)
  • Plumping and Renovating (Lotion MC110)


Targeted Facials:

Our targeted facials are aimed at specific skin conditions and include cleansing, gentle exfoliation, additional exfoliation (if needed), masque application, customized selection of either quintessential serums and/or targeted serums, completing your treatment with a specific cream, eye cream and finishing serum:

  • Biosensible Treatment: for sensitive, reactive skins and/or prone to rosacea
  • Hydréclat Treatment: for dehydrated skins
  • Oxygénant VIP O2 Treatment: for devitalized, dull skins
  • Sébo-Rééquilibrant Treatment: for acne-prone skins and/or with dilated pores
  • Tâches Pigmentaires Treatment: for pigmented skins

Please note:   A series of targeted facial treatments is recommended, between 3-6, for long-lasting results to improve the above skin conditions.


  • Biologique Féérie – moisturizing and firming sheet mask with an immediate plumping effect: with marine collagen
  • Biovecteur Marin – anti-oxidant and energizing veil mask rich in trace elements: with red algae from Brittany, France
  • Collagène Caviar – moisturizing, regenerating and tightening sheet mask: with collagen and caviar extracts
  • Patchs Défatigants – treats eye dark circles, dehydration lines, puffiness and wrinkles: with hyaluronic acid and a complex of flavonoids and matrikines
  • PIGM 400 – brightening and radiance boosting sheet mask with a high concentration of brightening active ingredients and exceptional antioxidants:  with levulinic acid, lime extract, plant acids and stabilized Vitamin C

Seconde Peau Bands – revolutionary lifting, regenerating and repairing electrospun treatment: with medical grade hyaluronic acid and marine serums.   This treatment plumps and hydrates the skin, to visibly treat wrinkles and provide a genuine alternative to conventional fillers.   This Biologique Recherche treatment “feels like the Givenchy dress of facials.”

Treatment Tools:

  • Skin Instant Lab– Key to the assessment stage, this diagnostic machine consists of five probes, linked to a laptop equipped with an exclusive analysis programme developed by Biologique Recherche. It recommends a selection of Biologique Recherche skin care products and treatments that are the most appropriate for each individual Skin Instant©.

Cryo Sticks – the local application of cryotherapy (“cold cure” in Greek) in the form of ergonomically shaped stainless steel “sticks” are used in case of redness during treatment. They lower the skins temperature immediately resulting in the redness disappearing, leaving the skin feeling fresh and soothed.

Micro-Puncture Lab – This is an intensive treatment which activates collagen and elastin production through intra-epidermal micro-stimulation and helps fight against premature signs of skin aging. This treatment makes use of Cocktail d’Actifs Régénérants – a highly concentrated cocktail serum used to intensify regeneration of the skin (scars, stretch marks, blemishes), deeply moisturize, revitalize and refresh the skin.   Recommended every two weeks for four sessions, then monthly for three sessions.

Remodeling Face – Receive visible results without the need for cosmetic correction with this patented microcurrent device combining four different types of electrical current. Galvanic current maximizes absorption of Biologique Recherche actives and deep cleanses with the use of desincrustation and iontophoresis.  Medium frequency reshapes, lifts and tones the underlying muscles and high frequency has an antibacterial and germicidal effect on the skin.   For best results, begin with one weekly session for six weeks, then six bi-weekly sessions, followed by monthly visits.


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